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I survived Morningland - renamed the Monestary - in Long Beach, CA. It is a religious cult still operating year 50. The next generation of leaders need to be exposed.

Listen as I tell my family's cult trafficking story in a brief recap with amazing Celia Williamson on Emancipation Nation Podcast, air date: 8/16/22.

My name is Frankie. I've gone by many names, not always by choice. My statement. For Immediate Release 4/24/22

Frankie's statement on being a survivor of Morningland Church.

The story is still available as an exclusive as of the sending of this release.

"I have been silent long enough. As a survivor of Morningland Church (religious cult), I represent adult 'cult kids' like me. I am currently the only person speaking out against the abuses of this church, many documented by the press publically through time.

I was involved in this place from age eight to 22, sustaining much abuse and sorrow. My family was destroyed systematically by cult clergy, still active at Morningland renamed The Monastery in Long Beach, CA. This is part of my stepping up, I feel a responsibility.

My relationship with my twin did not survive, but I have the support of my mother in stepping forward.
Though the original founders died long ago, Dan Sperato in 1976 and Patricia Sperato in 2003, there are three people they trained who participated in the destruction of my family still living illegally at 2600 E. 7th St., Long Beach, CA.

These clergy are still using the same awful techniques to lure people into their web. They also still have an entire city block which was purchased by donations of unwitting victims of their deception, including false claims of healing, promises of ascension, and more spiritual and psychological abuse. Family and marriage separation are some of the behavior which still goes on today.

In 2022 - like many people - the pandemic forced me to reevaluate my life and embrace a new role: podcast host and soon published author on the topic of cults. In 2021, due to the pandemic, I had the extra time and solitude needed to write my memoir. It's ready.

In addition, I reconnected with my mother and had her support in recalling the story and detailing it where there was amnesia from trauma. I could not have written my memoir without my mother. My mother sustained much suffering, losing contact with her kids for many years. Our reconciliation has been a long time coming.

I'm seeking a literary agent to publish my memoir. As a 12 - year survivor, I am seeking public interviews. I look forward to speaking opportunities on this topic ongoing and am available for speaking engagements virtually at this time. I am no longer religious yet I have faith in a higher power. I have been in the process of speaking out since 2014. I have sustained much personal attack by proxy from the church since finally telling my mother in 2014 of the sexual abuse my sister and I endured.

There is no shortage of amazement with the lawyer for the church having been Ed Masry (of Erin Brochovich fame, now deceased), a bribery charge involving state officials, a raid by the California Attorney General, a bomb scare that nearly took my life, sexual trafficking and family separation.
Finally confronting this life trauma was like walking across the Sahara Desert alone. I assure you that the book will reveal a shocking story that has never been told.
Fear, pain, and mental land mines have made the telling of my story previously impossible, until now. I am ready".

Frankie writes and hosts The Frankie Files 🗂 Podcast weekly Tuesdays 

and writes publishes the Cult Madness News column on Substack.

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For Immediate Release May 6, 2022

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