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3 Aug 2022
3 Aug 2022
26 Jul 2022
20 Jul 2022

Something true this way comes...

I got my first official rejection on my memoir. I have only made two submission of my manuscript so I feel that's pretty good to get a response. The first one was an auto email. For those that are following my journey of my experience pitching and querying my tell-all religious cult story of over a decade as a child to young adult in a cult, it's still happening and I'm learning a lot. All advice is welcomed - just reach out via this site's contact page. Happy writing fellow writers and happy recovery fellow cult survivors, especially you cult kids. 

20 Jul 2022
15 Jul 2022

What is my motivation for cult prevention?

During July I reassessed my goals and motivation in cult prevention. My motivation is prevention of trauma on kids who are innocent like I was before I was appropriated by 5+ cult leaders in  Morningland now named The Monastery in Long Beach, California.

11 Jul 2022

It's 2nd Tues = sexuality time. In ep. 24, we'll go through several articles to give an update on sentencing and details of both R. Kelly and Ghislane Maxwell for sex trafficking crimes. 

28 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022

Episode 21 out Tuesday

Listen to The Frankie Files Ep. 21 on The Body Cult ~ in-browser here or anywhere you hear podcasts.

17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022

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16 Jun 2022
8 Jun 2022

On The Frankie Files 5/31/22, Daniella Mestyanek Young gave an amazing hour + interview on Vanessa Guillen, Children of God and U.S. Military, and I review her memoir "Uncultured" (St. Martin's Press) coming Sept. 2022. Now on all audio outlets.

How does Vanessa Guillen relate to new the memoir
How does Vanessa Guillen relate to new the memoir "Uncultured" by Daniella M. Young?
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