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1 May 2022

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25 Apr 2022

My Cults Madness reports now on Substack.

Hey everyone. I am now writing a periodical on Substack. Check it out. The column is a pure news report on cults in the news from multiple sources. There is a lot to update you on all the time. You can mainline the info as a subscriber or guest. 

2 Apr 2022

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Episode 9 ~ Special Guest My Mom

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5th Tues. = Interviews. After decades of silence my mom & I speak for the first time publicly about Morningland Church, now called The Monastery in Long Beach, CA. Mom also shares about her time in the now defunked Cult Awareness Network hearing & meeting Dr. Jolly West and meeting Steve Hassan in the 80's.

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14 Mar 2022

Your Cult Story

While deciding what news agency or podcast will be my first interview about my cult story, I am beginning to correspond with other cult survivors to interview them about their story. To be interviewed for my podcast, subscribe to my podcast and send an email via this site's contact page. You do not have to name your religous cult if you are concerned about retribution. My goal is to focus on stories of adults who were in cults as kids. Our world is not known by the public. It's time.

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