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13 Sep 2022
7 Sep 2022

Ep. 32 Celia Williamson is our special guest

Host of Emancipation Nation Celia Williamson
Host of Emancipation Nation Celia Williamson

Today I have another incredible guest. We explore the arena of human trafficking and similarities between cult criminals and pimps, from a 30 year expert in the field in the state of Ohio, but also federally. Hear everywhere now. iHeartRadio link. Sign up for the -19th Intl. Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conf. which Williamson founded.

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30 Aug 2022

“Janja Lalich combines unusual empathy for true believers with broad and balanced scholarship and incisive interpretations of overall cultic behavior. ”–Robert Jay Lifton, author of Superpower Syndrome.

Hear Frankie's nearly hour audio interview of the creator of the Bounded Choice concept. now available on Ep. 31.

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23 Aug 2022

Quick Recap of August 2022 goings on so far in my corner. And I have a very special guest for 5th Tuesday in August. Stay tuned.

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Episode 30 out now - Trafficking Kids into Religious Cults

My new Interview on being trafficking into a religious cult on Emancipation Nation Podcast

I wrote a new article
The Centrific Circles of My Cultic Experience: Two Degrees of Separation to Dr. Lalich, to Morningland Church to Me

Guest Ryan from The Truth That Heals Podcast chatted with me live on Reddit - Hear the replay

Many upcoming interviews and exciting events are scheduled on the topic of cults - cult kids  and the true crime that takes place in these areas. Tune in and tell a friend.

Donations are called for to support this independent journalism. Monthly or single options available at

See you out here - and remember August is International Cult Awareness Month! Take action, educate and spread your "survivor wisdom" (Robert Jay Lifton).

I am excited for several upcoming interviews to be featured on the show and Sunday Live Audio Reddit Chat. Stay tuned and always keep that critical thinking going!

22 Aug 2022
22 Aug 2022

Live Audio Cult Chat - Sundays 1-2pm PT.

Sundays on Reddit come to the religious cult chat. Follow my profile or wait for the link a few minutes before 1pm PT. here See Frankie's Reddit Profile here. We audio chat including guests, survivors, other podcast hosts on cults.

17 Aug 2022

Emancipation Nation (Celia Williamson PhD) interview on my religious cult trafficking

Ep. 159

17 Aug 2022
13 Aug 2022

Ep. 28 out now

Getting from Victim to Survivor

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For 2nd Tuesday I usually focus on the topic of sexuality in society. I'm going to take a bit more of a generalized approach on the topic of survivors today. How do we head from victim to survivor in recovering from what happened? 

One specialist on this topic is a thinker in his 90's who's had a lot to say as a psychatrist in this area of societal issues: Robert Jay Lifton. I learned of Lifton from a podcast episode of Influence Continuum by Steve Hassan.

The episode is called "Dr. Robert Jay Lifton on current events and the importance of survivors telling their stories". 

3 Aug 2022
3 Aug 2022
26 Jul 2022
20 Jul 2022

Something true this way comes...

I got my first official rejection on my memoir. I have only made two submission of my manuscript so I feel that's pretty good to get a response. The first one was an auto email. For those that are following my journey of my experience pitching and querying my tell-all religious cult story of over a decade as a child to young adult in a cult, it's still happening and I'm learning a lot. All advice is welcomed - just reach out via this site's contact page. Happy writing fellow writers and happy recovery fellow cult survivors, especially you cult kids. 

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