My Memoir & Story

in 2021, I finally wrote the book. I have such an amazing cult survivor story. Not only do I want it shared for the sake of my family, but as a cautionary tale to prevent children from future sexual trafficking and psycholgical abuse in religious cults and high demand groups. For raising awareness of the plight of #cultkids.

The next step is finding the right publisher. If you are a publisher who's interested please contact me so I can send my submission.

In 2014 I decided to tell my story of being in a cult, being sexually abused, and surviving as a child into adulthood, a very abusive group of people who ran the religious cult. Confronting my family took a lot out of me as I could no longer shut up about my trauma. I barely survived. The conflict took a toll, and I just wanted to be alone in my home town. To my shock, I was followed, photographed, had fake videos of me put out on the internet, as I moved back to Long Beach in 2014. It was clear that someone (the cult still exists under a new name) was attempting to scare me into staying silent as I have for over 20 years. My goal of writing my memoir about this took a back seat to survival for the next seven years.

Finally, in 2021, due to the pandemic, I had the extra time and solitude needed to write the book. In addition, I reconnected with my mother and had her support in recalling the story and detailing it where there was amnesia. I could not have written my memoir without my mother. Confronting this was like walking across the Sahara desert alone. But, I did it. Now I am currently shopping for a publisher which is quite a lengthy process. I assure you that the book will reveal a shocking story that has never been told. Fear, pain, and mental land mines have made the telling of my story previously impossible, until now. I am ready.

In 2022 a new path has opened up in addition to the book. I am launching a podcast to enlighten the public and reach out to fellow survivors. It's called The Frankie Files. I aim to shed a light on mind control, sexuality in society, and the challenges they present in today's world for any of us who have successfully stayed alive. Especially the adult children of cults.